Welcome Back to School in the Park! Our focus for SITP  during the  2015-16 academic year is —increasing student talk —and purposeful use of academic language. We continue to build our 4 C’s:

  1. —Character
  2. Confidence
  3. —Competence
  4. —Curiosity

We are adding Daily Meeting/Journals back into our daily expectations. Daily Meeting (first thing every day):

-today’s agenda/purpose -issues around students  –  role of the teacher – Journals.

During Daily Meeting At school (after breakfast) or home
Quickwrite led by facilitator:

-explain everything you know about _____

-3 things you’ve learned this week

-draw a diagram and explain how ____ works


-Focus question asked by teacher

-What I learned yesterday

-What I did after teacher left

-Drawing to show how ____