Video Highlights are short video clips of each museum’s grade level rotation and is intended to  be an orientation video that generates excitement around the museum curriculum that the students will be engaged with. This orientation video is part of a Pre-Visit Package for each class to view approximately one week before they attend School in the Park and gives students and teachers ideas about what they need to do to prepare for their week at the museum. The Video Highlights for each orientation video might include the following:

  • Introduction of Museum Educator and their Museum (assume students have never been).
  • Introduction of the over arching concepts of the rotation. 
  • Show the students some kind of visual example of something they may see or do during their visit.
  • Point out expectations for listening, learning, interacting with classmates and museum staff at your museum/institution.
  • Let the students know of anything they can do to prepare themselves for their visit.

Although the video is targeted directly at students; teachers parents and SITP associated staff will most likely view the video to become familiar with curriculum content and museum logistics.