Meet Our Staff

Debbie Higdon
Program Director   

The SITP Director is responsible for guiding the vision for School in the Park and for leading and managing the SITP program in all areas.

During the week, the Director visits classrooms, in the morning and afternoon, to check on the well being of students, staff and program in general. She is available to consult with teachers, work with students, and deal with problems as they occur. Museum educators, facilitators, and teachers communicate directly with the Director with concerns, questions, ideas, or issues regarding students or curriculum.

Jennie Goldstone
Lead Educator

During the week, the Lead Educator visits classrooms to observe instruction and curriculum to provide constructive feedback in order to continuously improve our program.

Museum educators, facilitators, and teachers communicate directly with the Lead Educator to discuss issues regarding activities, assessment, instructional practices, and the effectiveness of the instructional program in general. She is available to deal with other problems as they occur.


Carla Meads
Program Coordinator The primary responsibility is to support the operational structures of SITP. This includes coordinating and monitoring the day-to-day operations of the program, such as scheduling, training, and supervision of SITP facilitators and college workers.  Additionally, there is the responsibility of coordinating and monitoring transportation, materials, and health needs of students, as well as working with school sites to coordinate Parents in the Park.
Tim Jepson
Educational Technologist

Collaborate and communicate with SITP team, classroom teachers and museum educators to produce institution specific technology resources including video, audio, digital, mobile and browser interactive formats.Develop student orientation media, document effective instruction and engagement strategies, work with museum pre-visit content podcasts, create and communicate flipped learning resources.

Carla Mathison PhD.
Research and Professional Development
Working with External Evaluator and SITP Director to define and support instruments and strategies to measure SITP educational impact.Provide support for ongoing professional development for museum educators and classroom teachers. Collaborate with SITP staff, museum educators, classroom teachers and principals to blend museum-based experiential education with school-based formal curriculum.

Meet our Facilitators

School in the Park employs many part-time staff members as Education Facilitators to assist students and educators in their work. Facilitators meet each class at their bus in the morning and guide them to the museum they are attending for that week. They stay and assist in a variety of ways coming to know the students and staff. Our Facilitators come from a variety of backgrounds, predominantly education, and go on to become valued community leaders. In addition to our facilitators we also employ College-workers who gain class credits as they work.

The primary role of School in the Park Support Staff is to act as liaison between museum and school personnel, to assist educators in providing a rich and rewarding educational experience for our students, and to ensure the safety of our students while at the Park.  

Diana Moore

Sara Czech

Blanca Perez

Miriam Rodriguez

Jennifer Tellez

Corina Vergara

Gabie Iannacone

Laura Dennison

Ysidro Alfaro