We are proud to collaborate with Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach and help them celebrate their 10 year anniversary!

Qualcomm Wireless Reach Celebrates 10th Anniversary video

Our SITP Project Description With Qualcomm Wireless reach
ProjectDescription_AugmentedReality Wireless Reach2012

Augmented Reality Experience Enables Students to Explore New Worlds

Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative has teamed up with MoGo Mobile Inc. (MoGo), Harvard

University Graduate School of Education and School in the Park (SITP) to develop unique educational

Augmented Reality Experiences (AREs) using 3G-connected mobile devices. AREs overlay digital

educational material onto physical environments. Harvard University Graduate School of Education and

SITP designed custom AREs using Qualcomm’s vision-recognition technology on MoGo’s FreshAiR

platform to enhance education in public schools and teach children valuable 21st century skills.

Stay tuned for more updates!