Welcome Parents!

School in the Park would like to connect you with the experiences that are unique to museum education opportunities.
If you have any question, call our office at: 619-232-3655.

Watch our student orientation video!

3rd Grade Museums

  • History Center:    2 weeks
  • Museum of Art:    1 week
  • Junior Theatre:    1 week
  • Museum of Man: 1 week
  • San Diego Zoo:    3 weeks 

4th Grade Museums

  •  History Center:            1 week
  • Air & Space:                  2 weeks
  • Museum of Art:            1 week
  • Fleet Science Center:  1 week
  • Junior Theatre:            1 week
  • Natural History:          1 week
  • San Diego Zoo:            1 week

5th Grade Museums

  • Air & Space:                  1 week
  • Museum of Art:           1 week
  • Fleet Science Center: 2 weeks
  • Old Globe:                     2 weeks
  • San Diego Zoo:            1 week
  • Natural History:         1 week

 Program Times: Rosa Parks

  • 11:30 Bus pick up students, teachers, and facilitators at Rosa Parks
  • 12:00 Museum program
  • 2:05   Snack, physical activity, and museum program
  • 4:00   Buses pick up students and facilitators to return to Rosa Parks

Reminder: Pick up your children at 4:30pm on SITP days.

Program Times: Wilson

  • 8:45   Bus pick up students and teachers at Wilson
  • 9:20   Museum Program
  • 3:00   Bus pick up at SITP and return to Wilson
  • 3:30   Bus drops off students, teachers at Wilson.

Reminder: Students stay at Wilson Thursday (modified day) and museum educators visit school.

  • 8:45 - 11:30

School in the Park Student Qusetions

Questions to ask your child about their day at
School in the Park

We would like to encourage you to talk with your student about his/her experiences and activities while they are attending School in the Park.  Please see below some suggested questions you might want to ask your child during the week they are at School in the Park.

Visit this Student Page for a schedule of the week and the museum your child is attending School in the Park during the year.  Go to the grade level and click on your child's teacher, each museum will be listed according to the week they attend. Photo albums showing their activities are linked for each week are linked here. You can use the photo's to ask your child to describe in more detail the learning activity.

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 Parents In The Park (PITP)

This is an opportunity for Rosa Parks and Wilson parents to visit SITP to learn about the activities their children experience. The visits to Balboa Park help expand parents’ understanding of the SITP program and the wider educational resources available to them and their families within the participating Balboa Park museums. Parents meet at the Rosa Parks Parent Center at 10:30am. Van transportation to Balboa Park will be provided for the first 14 parents to return the permission slip.

  • Next Rosa Parks parent visit during 2019-20:
     2nd grade parents attend on June 26, 2020

*New to Rosa Parks or Wilson?
Download the School in the Park Permission Packet with policies, expectations and procedures.

If you would like to arrange a visit to one of the museums your child participates with and attends at School in the Park, contact Carla Meads at 619-232-3655.