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As with numerous institutions, organizations, and programs, this has been an unusual and challenging time for School In The Park (SITP). The first half of the academic year found students actively engaged across eight Balboa Park museums and the Zoo. SITP’s overarching goal of maximizing student learning through high impact strategies that motivate, inspire, and support students was in full throttle. Receiving targeted professional development, museum educators continued to use their museum environments and resources to make student projects evermore authentic; developing multiple ways of presenting subject matter, helping students activate prior knowledge, offering multiple means for students to demonstrate their learning, and providing them with reflection opportunities. The purposeful integration of technology enabled students to fully produce videos as they worked as a film crew (videographer, editor, actor/s, & director) to demonstrate what they had learned. Skills in video production were also evidenced at the NAT (The San Diego Natural History Museum) where student videos accompanied blueprints of their inventions to combat environmental threats and at the Zoo where students made their own Public Service Announcements related to animal endangerment. ClassDojo consistently provided classroom teachers and parents with communication links to SITP and applications like Google Translate helped emerging bilingual students experience a richer learning environment.

Then came the COVID19 pandemic in mid-March. Schools and museums shuttered their buildings and the school district began to develop plans for Distance Learning. SITP surveyed Rosa Parks’ classroom teachers about continuing with a virtual version of SITP.* They very much wanted to continue as did the museum educators. By May, SITP launched Distance Learning resources for the remaining 10 weeks of the academic year (see Section 2.2).. read more ….

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