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This year, School in the Park (SITP) celebrated its 20th year. The program welcomed 1,181 3rd-8th grade students to engaging, authentic hands-on experiences within eight museums and the San Diego Zoo.  Using a new curriculum template, Museum Educators developed or revised 39 curricular units of study on topics running the gamut from Journeying along the Silk Road to aerospace engineering, Romeo & Juliet to dynamic ecosystems, the Kumeyaay to the basics of electricity, etc..  Each unit of study was standards-aligned and offered students abundant opportunities to engage in artistic and scientific processes that resembled those found in actual professional work environments. These experiences increased students’ awareness of and interest in numerous career paths.  Additionally, the work they undertook in each museum helped them appreciate the value of persistence and learning from one’s mistakes… lessons so critical to the life journeys they each will take. read more ….

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SITP Evaluation Report Highlighted Findings