Student Survey 2017

Resources, Websites and Photo Albums

Student Photo Albums 2016-17


Third Grade

Arellano | Borrayo | Elizondo | Goss | Reed | Robles | Sanders | Taylor


Fourth Grade

Gipson | Golojuch | Lane | Lozano | Molina | Pham | York


Fifth Grade

Crandall | Lempert | Merlos | Weaks



Sixth Grade

Bates | Letierre | Pierce | Rutherford | Jackson | Martinez | Behra | Calloway


Seventh Grade
Photo Album Page





Homework Websites 6th Grade

*Museum of Man: What is Race? 
Are we so different?

Museum of Man: Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian culture, geography and trade.


Flipped Websites 7th Grade

What do students at School In The Park do?

 Students attend classes at various Museums in the park. Each Museum has a classroom and many valuable resources including the exhibition spaces and galleries. Highly trained Museum Educators focus on a particular topic relevant to their Museum's mission. For example, students attending classes at the San Diego History Center learn about the Migration habits of the Kumeyay Native Americans who were the first settlers of the San Diego region. Each Museum introduces the concepts in a new and diverse way to engage students and provide them with a learning experience unlike any other. Emphasis is on 'hands-on' learning so that students are given first-hand knowledge of the concepts they may have only previously read about. School In The Park is not a field trip for students to see Balboa Park. It is a classroom with an abundance of resources and specialized educators. The experiences and education students gain from their week at School In The Park will leave a lasting impression on them and hopefully a new appreciation for Balboa Park, San Diego's cultural center.



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