Mr. Borrayo / Ms. Elizondo
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School in the Park 2018-2019

Week of Visit: Museum:

  • September: No SITP
  • October: October 1st History Center
  • October 22nd: Junior Theatre
  • November: No SITP
  • December 10th: Zoo 1
  • January 22nd: Zoo 2
  • February 25th: History Center 2
  • March: No SITP
  • April: No SITP
  • May 28th: Zoo 3
  • June 10th: Art
  • July 1st: Museum of Man

School in the Park 2017-2018

Ms. Elizondo (Click Here)
Mr. Borrayo ( See Below)

Week of Visit: Museum:


School in the Park 2016-2017

Borrayo History Center

Art Museum

Zoo Rotation 3

4th Grade  ZooMr. Borrayo R2 January 2016-17

3rd Grade History Center